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Nothing is more reassuring than someone’s personal recommendation! If you like our services we would like to encourage you to tell others about it, many of our existing clients were referred by other clients. We enjoy serving you, and enjoy growing the company.

Refer someone to us & we will reward you with a bonus equal to 100% of their monthly fee!
up to a maximum of $2,000

  • You do not need to be a current Incero client
  • Refer a new client (someone who has not been in contact with us before), the best way to do this is to discuss our services with them, and then when they are ready to sign up or when they have pre-sales questions simply email them and copy on the email so that you can introduce us to each other.
  • If the referred person or business signs up for a dedicated server with Incero you will receive 100% of their 3rd monthly billing or $2,000 (whichever amount is lower).
  • You will be paid after we receive their 3rd month's payment.
  • If they prepay for their services several months or years in advance, you will receive your bonus after their third month with us.
  • Referral bonuses will be applied as a credit to your account.
  • You must maintain all servers in your account that exist at the time of the referral through the time of the referral credit due date in order to receive the credit. If you refer someone and then cancel your server, downgrade your server, or lower your total monthly spend with Incero you will no longer be eligible to receive the referral credit.

Terms and conditions apply; If you are honest with your recommendations and do not misrepresent our services then we look forward to growing our company through your referrals!

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