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IP Transit/DIA Fixed Pricing, No Negotiations, Reasonable Overage Rates

  • ($0.70/mbit commit) 1gig on 1gig, $700/mo (not offered via Internet Exchanges)
  • ($2/mbit commit) 300mbit on 10gig, $600/mo, $1/mbit overages 95th Percentile
  • ($1/mbit commit) 1gig on 10gig, $1,000/mo, $1/mbit overages 95th Percentile
  • ($0.80/mbit commit) 5gig on 10gig, $4,000/mo, $1/mbit overages 95th Percentile
  • ($0.50/mbit commit) 10gig on 10gig, $5,000/mo
  • ($0.50/mbit commit) 10gig on 20gig, $5,000/mo, $1/mbit overages 95th Percentile
  • ($0.50/mbit commit) 40gig on 100gig, $20,000/mo, $0.60/mbit overages 95th Percentile

Connection Points and Internet Exchanges

Incero offers paid Direct Internet Access (DIA) solutions from the following locations, and is even available over Internet Exchanges;

  • Incero Flagship (plus access to Psychz, Serverhub, and others): 1515 Round Table Dr, Dallas, TX 75247
  • Incero Infomart Cologix: 1950 N Stemmons Fwy #1032, Dallas, TX 75207
  • Incero Infomart Equinix: 1950 N Stemmons Fwy #1034, Dallas, TX 75207
  • Equinix Peering Exchange: Dallas, TX (Infomart Equinix)
  • Incero NYC (plus access to 100 William St, New York City, NY
  • Incero Seattle (plus access to Westin building colo & offices): 2001 6th Ave, Seattle, WA
  • SIX Peering Exchange: Seattle WA (Westin Building, KOMO Plaza, and Sabey Intergate) (our port size is 10gig, we will upgrade as needed for your order)


You are responsible for any costs incurred to reach our network locations. In some instances you may be able to reach our connection points at little to no cost, for example your office building may provide free crossconnects to an Internet Exchange where we have connectivity.

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