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At Incero we're highly available to our clients 24/7/365, however sales queries are a low priority (orders are a high priority), we offer no-nonsense competitive and sustainable pricing on our order forms and do not incentivize staff with sales commissions. This allows our staff to focus on providing excellent service to our existing clients, while providing same or next business day sales replies for prospective clients.


24/7/365 High Priority Support (All Clients) & Priority Remote Hands (Colocation)

Login to Portal2 and open a high priority ticket for a response from a senior engineer within 10 minutes 24/7/365. High priority tickets are treated as critical events, we’re here to assist you 24/7/365. Feel free to request a call back when submitting your ticket if you prefer to discuss by phone, however for security reasons you must open a ticket before we can assist you.

Regular Support (All Clients) & Courtesy Remote Hands (Colocation)

Login to Portal2 and open a low or medium priority ticket. Average response times during business hours are under 10 minutes.

Ticket Escalation

If your low or medium priority ticket has now become urgent, please open a new high priority ticket to ensure proper handling. Do not reply to previously resolved high priority tickets with new issues, you must open a new high priority ticket to alert engineers to your new issue.

DMCA Agent

Incero LLC is an ISP providing services to millions of ends users, we respect content owner's rights. Our DMCA agent is registered with the US copyright office, the filing can be located here: Please note that our email address does not accept attachments, only emails in plain text. To include attachments and supporting documents we suggest using UPS or Fedex Delivery followed up by an email with the tracking information.

Network Abuse

Other ISPs, and other networks, that wish to report network anomalies or suspected abuse please send a plain text email (no attachments) including plain text logs within the email to abuse[at]inceronetwork[dot]com. This contact should not be used for any DMCA or legal claims, as it is reviewed by network staff, not our designated legal contacts. Our network abuse contact is highly automated with emails being sorted into client tickets for prompt action, the averages resolution time can vary from 1-72 business hours. Some of our customers are resellers, and they must take the time to forward the notice onto their client and/or investigate their systems. Please be patient, we do not ignore abuse reports.


Legal notices of all sorts can be sent to the contact listed here: We suggest a polite and professional interaction between parties to accomplish a mutually beneficial outcome. We are an ISP, and millions of end users make use of our network every day. Protecting user rights, content owner’s rights, and protecting network security are always a top priority.

Datacenter Shipping Address

Please open a ticket before shipping servers to us, we need to issue each incoming shipment with a unique identifier, for this reason we do not post the full addresses here. To estimate shipping costs the zip code of each datacenter is below:

  • Dallas, TX 75207
  • New York, NY 10038
  • Seattle, WA 98121

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